Making the Classification Essay Complete

When you have chosen principles of writing classification essays, you should check to understand if the classification comprises all components of the group. For example, when you are sorting the students in your class, the categories must cover each student in this class, if it is possible. When the students were classified as stupid or brilliant, on particular group – the common students – would be comprised into a group. In order to avoid leaving out of members and simplifying the analysis, it is a good idea to sort the group into several categories. For many classification essays, several categories are the standard.

If you divide a big group into categories its members share general characteristics, there will be several members, which do not suit completely a category. For example, you could sort politicians as conservatives or liberals, but as some politicians can be liberal in terms of some points and conservative on others, this would be sound to admit any complications or variations in classification essays. It is a good idea to take some note what the major members’ characteristics are. For example, do the politicians vote in a conservative way most of the time? When it is so, putting them into the conservative category and pointing that they vote in a liberal way on some point could be justified.

Then discuss all those categories:

  1. Recognize the group. When it has a particular name, you should identify it.
  2. Define or describe the category. What are the common members’ characteristics of this category? When you have set which the category is related to your classification, you should discuss the general characteristics of these members.
  3. Provide examples. Usually it is useful to exemplify the characteristics by providing several examples of common members of this category.